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It's About Trust

Every day, your officers face challenges and threats as they keep their community safe. Whether they are capturing video, prosecuting or defending a case, they need video evidence they can trust. A solution that discourages escalation during an incident and sheds light on challenging situations.

For over 85 years, we’ve delivered purpose-built mission-critical systems to help you serve and protect. Body-worn cameras video systems are no different. We study public safety work and design solutions around the real-life challenges you face. Because we know how critical your job is, we’re committed to helping you do what you do best.


Capture More, Worry Less

Simplify evidence capture so your officers aren't obstructed by technology, can spend less time on administrative tasks, and engage more meaningfully with the community.


Si500 Body-Worn Camera

Get A Clearer Picture

Be confident you captured the evidence you need, and keep it that way. The Si500 starts capturing encrypted video prior to pressing the record button—and can even do so automatically in case of emergency. 

Wear It Your Way

With an articulating camera, you can wear the Si500 in the way that suits you best, regardless of your size or uniform. Face the 3.2-inch display in or out—either to be discreet, or to deter criminal behavior.

Cut Through The Noise

No matter the situation, lives depend on you being able to hear—and being heard. The Si500 features radio integration and an adaptive audio engine that delivers loud and clear sound in any wearing position.

Be There When It Matters

Spend more time alert and patrolling rather than occupied with your technology. On-device evidence tagging and radio control through the integrated touchscreen saves you time and effort.

Rely On Purpose-Built Design

Don’t waste a second searching for the right button or fumbling with a clunky device. With an advanced ergonomic design, the Si500 is so easy to use and designed to withstand the elements and rough treatment.

Protect The Truth

The Si500 is designed to work seamlessly and securely with our CommandCentral Vault digital evidence management software to help you deliver timely, indisputable truth.

Muskegon Heights Sharpens Its Focus

Si500 body-worn cameras are paving the way for better transparency and a promising future in Muskegon Heights, Michigan.

Maximize the Value of Digital Evidence

As digital evidence becomes practically a requirement for prosecution, aggregate and intelligently organize all of your agency's content, from body-worn cameras and beyond, into a single, cloud-based management experience.


CommandCentral Vault

Simplify Content Management

Locate and universally manage all of your digital content from one place, with one sign-on. Easily search, filter and group content to find it quickly. Even bookmark your searches for faster access. Control content permissions by user or user group and even set rules for content retention to minimize manual, time-consuming processes.

Quickly Review Case Evidence

Provide detectives with the specific digital evidence and tools they need to close cases fast. Intelligent case folders automatically gather case-related content together. Content can be mapped for greater context as well as notes and time-stamped annotations created for quicker identification of valuable information.

Ensure Justice Is Achieved

Easily send case content to prosecutors with a verifiable chain of custody in tact. Flexible sharing of content to users inside of your organization and out, eliminates disk burning and ensures that a verifiable audit log is always available and accurate. For the public, object-based redaction makes protecting privacy simple and fast.

Go Further To Never Lose Sight Of What Happened

Expand your ability to capture law-enforcement-grade digital evidence with the simplicity of a smartphone.


Capture Mobile Camera App

Equip Everyone To Investigate

Rather than risk evidence being lost, capture images, video and audio with a simple to use smartphone application that makes preserving proof in the field as easy as saving a memory of your pet at home.

Stay In The Streets, Not The Station

Keep the burden of management to a minimum with metadata automatically added to evidence and on-device tagging. Content is then uploaded to CommandCentral Vault for easy, immediate use.

Don't Sweat The Security

All evidentiary data is isolated from personal data making it inaccessible for tampering by other apps. Chain of custody is also established at the moment of capture so you never need to subpoena devices.

Ensure evidence will stand strong

Protect truth from capture to courtroom. Pairing our cameras with our digital evidence management software guarantees a verifiable chain of custody and the industry-best data protection.


Awards & Recognition

Digital Evidence 101

Whether you're evaluating body-worn cameras, looking into how to use video evidence in court or researching digital evidence management, make sure you've taken everything into consideration.

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