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 LMR + LTE. Better Together. 


You know about FirstNet™. What you may not know is that by combining the power of mission-critical LMR and Public Safety Broadband, you can open the flow of intelligence across multi-agency response teams and drastically improve situational awareness. 

Put more eyes on the street. Have more information on hand—in the field and command center—and stay more focused on the mission. When officers have the tools that enable them to keep their eyes up and hands free they are better equipped to react quickly in any situation.

Interoperable Apps

Interoperable Apps

Free first responders to do more. Instantly communicate, share and catalog information and automatically trigger cameras, alert dispatch and request backup.

Responder Alert

Responder Alert
(Monitor Weapons Drawn)

Know what your officers are facing. Get automatic alerts when they draw their weapons, so that you can send help fast.

LTE Devices

LTE Devices

Make officers more street-ready with broadband devices built tough enough to survive punishing conditions, loud enough to be heard, and intuitive enough to be easy to use.

FirstNet Subscription

FirstNet Subscription

Data turns the unknown and unpredictable into a safer outcome. With the meteoric demand for data, now is the time to subscribe to FirstNet.



This is how things were meant to work: field officers instantly locate and share multimedia information with one another; sensors trigger body-worn cameras and alert dispatch; dispatch sees and hears events as they unfold, without the need for radio communication; backup arrives automatically and reports are compiled without having to write them. By connecting everything and everyone, intelligence can flow freely, freeing officers to focus on their surroundings.

  • Enhanced PTT (EPTT): Close communication gaps between smartphones, landlines and two-way radios. Reach your entire team at the push of a button to share critical information in real time.
  • Integrated Secure Messaging: Securely send texts, photos, videos, documents, voice recordings and location data to your team across all LMR and LTE devices via EPTT.
  • Location Tracking: Enable officers to coordinate their next move. Help them locate and share their location with groups, set up geo-fencing and receive automatic alerts when the fence is crossed.
  • Whiteboard: Track personnel in real time and share maps, floor plans and tactical images.           


  • Timeline: Keep your team focused on people, rather than paperwork. Auto-generate time- and date-stamped reports.
  • CommandCentral Aware: Real-time situational intelligence supports the fields with deeper insights from integrated voice, video and data. Relay updates between the fields and command with map-based, common operating picture - anywhere, any time and on any device.
  • Capture: Securely capture audio, video and images with an easy to use smartphone application that allows users to upload, safely consolidate and manage evidence into a single, end-to-end experience.


A situation escalates. An officer pulls his gun. With both hands on his weapon and his mind on the emergency, he can’t radio for help. With Responder Alert, he doesn’t have to. The moment he pulls his weapon from his holster, Responder Alert notifies dispatch and supervisors of his exact location. They can then send help and automatically trigger the officer’s body-worn camera to see and hear what’s happening. The result, officers can operate eyes up, hands free.

  • Quickly Send Backup: A lot can happen in 30 seconds. Get immediate notification of an escalation to send help where it’s needed most.
  • Automatically Capture Evidence: The moment an officer pulls his gun or Taser, his camera can start rolling and automatically catalog evidence of the incident.
  • Get Field Alerts: Know what’s happening to your field officers the moment they face trouble.

Featured Devices – The Intelligence behind the Connectivity

  • Si500 Video Speaker Microphone: Equip first responders with this all-in-one solution so they can automatically capture and catalog evidence.
  • Responder Alert Sensors: Sensors can be retro-fitted to the most common holsters used in the United States and will send notification that an officer has unholstered and re-holstered a weapon.


Empower officers to make faster, more informed decisions. Arm your first responders with richer, real-time information – from crime statistics and suspect images to streaming CCTV and ‘tac’ plans.

Give first responders the device made for the mission ahead. Every feature and function is engineered with them in mind – from the loud clear audio, to the advanced security, hard as nails ruggedness and smart accessories.

Intuitive Controls Make Operational Natural
The LEX L11 is designed with wearability and accessibility in mind, providing intuitively simple access in both tough and unforgiving situations. Keep your eyes up, hands free, and your focus forward with the ability to access mission-critical capabilities.

Best-In-Class Audio Quality and Performance
In an emergency, communications need to be clear and immediately understood. The LEX L11 is designed to let you hear and be heard clearly, reducing distortion, canceling background noise, and suppressing unwanted feedback caused by other devices when in close proximity of each other.

Outperforms in the Harshest Environment
For first responders such as law enforcement officers and paramedics, reliability is everything. The LEX L11 is designed for constant use in tough, unforgiving environments.

Extend the Reach of the LEX L11 with Radio Collaboration Capability
Remotely manage and control your Bluetooth enabled portable radio directly from the LEX L11 thanks to the radio collaboration capability. Quickly and easily manage the radio’s zones, channels, and volume. Leverage the convenience of speaking directly into your LEX L11 over the LMR network.

End to End Secure Mobile Platform
The LEX L11 provides the high-assurance security features that safeguards your mission-critical communications. Its Secure Mobile Platform utilizes a defense-in-depth approach to security, combining multiple layers of advanced defensive walls that stop adversaries from accessing your mission-critical voice and data communications.


Officers have enough to handle without worrying about body-worn cameras, paperwork, data searches and device usage. Remove those dangerous distractions with our FirstNet Ready™ solution. Find out how in this must-read brochure and datasheet.



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Enough talk about FirstNet™. Take action and put groundbreaking capabilities to work for you.