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Safeguarding your critical communication networks and technologies from cyber attacks requires a comprehensive approach for addressing existing vulnerabilities, taking proactive measures to monitor your network, assessing your risk posture and understanding how to respond and recover from intrusions. To help you with these needs, we have a team of certified security experts, trained to stay actively informed of the rapidly changing landscape of security threats and compliance requirements.

Our cybersecurity services which are available through our service packages are designed to help safeguard your operational integrity.

Security Patch Installation. Pre-tested security updates are deployed onto your radio network system to address known vulnerabilities as soon as they are available and validated to avoid network disruption.

Security Monitoring. Our team of experienced security professionals remotely monitor your system from our Security Operations Center (SOC) for security events and apply countermeasures whenever necessary.

On-Premise Security Operations Center. If remote security monitoring is not a viable option for you, our On-Premise Security Operations Center provides you with a reliable means to proactively monitor your network for unusual security activities.

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Services. Using industry standards and frameworks, we perform a comprehensive risk assessment to help you understand your risk posture and steps that should be taken to mitigate, react, and respond to cyber threats based on your unique operational requirements.


Patch Installation


Mitigate Cybersecurity Risks with Pre-Tested Software Updates

Commercial software vendors release frequent security updates for antivirus definitions, intrusion detection sensor signature files and security-related operating system patches as new threats and vulnerabilities are discovered. While these updates are essential, it is critical that they do not adversely impact your mission-critical communication systems.

Security Update Service pre-tests the latest anti-malware definitions and all applicable software patches in dedicated test labs. Our certified security experts help identify and validate the necessary updates required to maintain cybersecurity readiness and safeguard your system’s operational integrity. This prevents system disruptions and ensures unnecessary software is not introduced via the patching process.

Once validated as safe for deployment with the radio network, two delivery options are used to service our managed and support customers.

Essential Services. Security updates are made available via Motorola Solutions’ secure extranet site for your team to download and install onto your radio network.

Advanced and Premier Services. Motorola Solutions’ dedicated staff remotely installs the security updates onto your radio network. Vulnerabilities from third party software are addressed as soon as the validation of recommended patches is completed. We will also provide reports outlining updates made for your team’s review.

Security Monitoring


Proactively Protect Networks from Cyber Attacks

IP-based systems face increased cybersecurity risk and system compromises from evolving cyber threats. The transformation of mission-critical communications systems to IP based environments and ability to connect to like systems have made them susceptible to cyber attacks. Proactive security monitoring helps you stay a step ahead of threat detection and mitigation to maintain optimal network performance.

The use of security elements like anti-malware, firewalls or intrusion detection systems inspecting traffic traversing the network is not enough. Critical communication systems must be constantly monitored by experienced security professionals trained to detect, characterize and respond to security events. 

Our security monitoring services - optional for Essential and Advanced Services and included for Premier Services customers - comes with:

Real-Time Remote Security Monitoring. Experienced, certified security professionals staffed 24x7 at Motorola Solutions’ Security Operations Center dedicated to monitoring the secure state of your IT systems.

Analytics for Continuous Protection. Monthly reports are generated to keep you informed on the overall security risk posture of your system. When investigation is deemed necessary, our certified forensics experts can extract and examine critical intelligence for use as evidence or to establish future preventative safeguards.

On-Premise Security 


Safeguard Your Infrastructure with Continuous On-Premise Monitoring

If remote security monitoring is not a viable option for you, our On-Premise Security Operations Center provides you with a reliable means to proactively monitor your network for unusual security activities. Installed inside your network, it is minimal in comparison to the investment, time, technology and resources required to establish,  maintain and operate your own security operations center (SOC).

The features included are designed to also help you identify and locate the source of cyber attacks as soon as they occur.

Powerful Correlation Performance. Use of state-of-the-art correlation that captures and system logs throughout your network infrastructure, devices, operating systems, software and applications to pin-point substantiated threats.

End-to-End Intelligent Alerting. Programmed with auto learning algorithms that become more informed over time from your system log data, alerts are generated based on learned system behaviors. From this, actionable tickets that can be assigned, investigated and resolved are created.

Real-time Visualization Portal. Regularly updated dashboards reflecting vital information required by your team to identify security events of interest and respond accordingly. This includes an overview of the system status from the homepage.

Risk Assessment


A comprehensive and systematic approach to risk management and protection of critical infrastructure

The exponential explosion of cybersecurity incidents has brought unique challenges to businesses and government agencies alike. Our team of certified Cybersecurity Professional Services professionals will work hand-in-hand with you to help you build more resilient networks in the new era of increasing cyber attacks. The outcome is a comprehensive, risk-prioritized, organizational readiness that enables you to protect, detect and respond to evolving threats to your most sensitive, mission-critical assets.

We use a holistic and methodical risk management process that allows you to fully understand your cybersecurity risk posture related to your organization's operational environment.

Scope. Only applicable controls spanning Technical, Management and Operational categories are selected to conduct a tailored risk analysis. Mitigation steps such as security architecture changes, integration of specific products or implementation of procedural control are recommended and discussed with the stakeholders only after the environment is methodically evaluated, risks are identified, analyzed, clearly understood and risk prioritized.

Approach. Using physical observation, in-person interviews, manual, computerized, commercially available and custom tools, we will evaluate potential threat scenarios and assess potential risk implications to confidentiality, integrity and availability of the organization's mission.

Methodology. All applicable risk factors are considered and taken into account prior and during the assessment. After capturing all necessary data pertaining to the scope of the assessment, a threat profile is developed and prepared as a Risk Scorecard report indicating low, moderate, high and critical values for each finding/issue identified. A remediation or risk acceptance recommendation will follow each finding/issue.

Our cybersecurity risk assessment is included with our Premier Services package and optional for Essential and Advanced Services customers. Two delivery options are available to help you establish the best assessment methodology to meet your desired business outcomes.

Motorola Solution Executed. Motorola Solutions’ Risk Assessment Service Team conducts the comprehensive assessment and provides risk-prioritized recommendations.